How can I delete my account data before I deactivate my account?

You can delete items from your account by swiping left on the item and selecting the "Archive" option. Once the item is archived, swipe left on it again and select the "Delete" option. This will permanently delete all information associated with that item from your phone and our servers.

Even if you do not delete your items before deactivating your account, please know that we take your privacy very seriously. 

We do not share any of your data, including information about items in your Trov, without your expressed permission unless there is a legal exception. The only way data can be used is for anonymised, aggregated reports that include those items. For instance, if you had fifty archived iPhones, they would be counted in a tally of archived iPhones in your region. If you deleted your items before deactivating your account, your data wouldn't be included in this type of report.

For more information please read our Privacy Policy here.